Fitness Week 9: Running To The Murder Tree

Fitness Check In Week 9

RUNFACE! And I look so happy don’t I? That’s despite the huge copper sculpture of a tree behind me that, were a different sort of writer, would no doubt be the sight of a Hannibal-esque obscure murder. Or maybe just some REALLY great Hyperion cosplay.

Anyway! What did I get up to this week?

Superhero Workout didn’t do this once! ONCE YOU HEAR ME! AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!

The reason for it isn’t really evil laugh worthy but let’s face it the set up was rock solid and every now and then you just have to go for the cheap pop.

DDP Yoga Four times this week because my foot was really starting to hurt and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t because I was hideously inflexible. So, four Diamond Dozens this week which helped a lot with posture and keyed me in to the one thing this process obfuscates; progress. I’m more flexible, I’m stronger and I’m more capable of doing this stuff. The incremental gains are, well…incremental but they’re also undeniable.

Oh the mysterious mystery of how I hurt my right foot? It was because Marguerite and I walk, at minimum, 5 miles a day 5 days a week. This murders a pair of shoes inside 6 months. My current pair were 7 months old. I am now walking like Shaft would if he was a 6’2, quarterback sized Manx nerd.

Zombies Run Couch to 5k So as you know, I’ve been doing gradual increases in the length of my running intervals. This is to help get me past the Sisyphean endeavor of running for 5 continuous minutes at the start of week 3. Last week was 45 seconds, this week I stepped up to 50 seconds.

And a full minute.

Just once, but my last interval I pushed for an extra 10 seconds and I did it! And I wasn’t seeing a tunnel of light with my ancestors beckoning me towards them when I was done!

Below is a musical rendition of how I felt. Specifically from when the piano kicks in at around :40.


This is MASSIVE and I’m really happy with it. The minute is the first big psychological barrier and I’ve hit it. Now I need to adjust to running more than I’m walking and prepare to start gluing these long intervals together. I’m not at 5 minutes yet. But I am so much closer and, once again, undeniable progress.

So, a really good week. So good even the Body Image Goblin said well done. Well he kind of grunted but he’s a goblin, what do you expect?

See you next week, folks.


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