Five Reasons Why You Need To Buy Envy of Angels Today

  1. EnvyofAngels_Final_hiresIt’s brilliant. A funny, inventive, dark and unique take on urban fantasy that earns its spot on the shelves and absolutely deserves a spot on yours. UF is a genre regularly pilloried for being cookie cutter. It isn’t, and Envy of Angels not only embodies that proves it. You will not, under any circumstances, find another book that takes the approach this does.
  2. It’s very funny. Matt Wallace has that glorious, stream of consciousness approach to profanity that most authors and comedians like to think they have but few do. Matt has it in spades and the comic timing, and variety of humour, on display here is as precise and well-catered as the meal at the centre of the story.
  3. It will make you hungry. I love food. I love making food. I love writing about food. Matt, with this book, made me want food I have not had in years and food I have never attempted. He, in essence, gave me delicious homework.
  4. It’s the first in a series. And not in that ‘to be continued’ way either. What you get here is essentially the fantastic pilot episode of what promises to be a Hell of a TV show. A complete story that sets up and explores it’s world, then gets off the stage and leaves you wanting more but absolutely satisfied with what you got. That’s a rare skill and this is a rare book.
  5. It’s helping change the game, for the better. The Tor novella inaugural line has, so far, been amazing. Each one has been unique, each one has done new and interesting things and each one has embraced the novella format and made it their own. This entire line embodies that thing everyone says they want; something new. This kind of talent at this kind of price for this range of work is an astounding achievement and one that if you’re not paying attention to, you should.

I have reviews and interviews with every author on the line coming up later in the year. But Matt is one of my closest friends and I wasn’t going to let Chicken Nuggies Day go past without talking about his book.

Now go buy it, and find out WHY it’s chicken nuggies day.


The UK Amazon link is here

The US Amazon link is here




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