Free Ebooks! Scott Sigler celebrates 10 Years in podcasting

Scott Sigler is one of the reasons I have a job. I Should Be Writing, Variant Frequencies and Scott’s Ancestor are the three podcasts that got me into the industry. Scott’s brand of foot on the accelerator, heavy metal SF remains one of the most fun games in town and it’s a pleasure to see him make ten years in the game. It’s even more of a pleasure because for one day only he’s giving away free stuff to celebrate.

Go here and click on the link. That’ll walk you through the download process.

You’ll get:

  • THE CHAMPION ebook
  • THE MVP ebook
  • THE ALL-PRO ebook
  • THE STARTER ebook
  • THE ROOKIE ebook
  • THE REPORTER ebook
  • TITLE FIGHT ebook
  • BLOOD is RED ebook
  • BONES are WHITE ebook
  • A sneak peek PDF of the first fifty pages of the rewritten EARTHCORE


That’s the five books of the GFL series plus various novellas set in that universe (Featuring Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace too no less) and the excellent Bones and Blood horror anthologies. Oh and the first fifty pages of EarthCore which, along with Ancestor, remains tied for my all time favorite book of his.


The kicker is that link is only good until 11.59pm on Monday March 23rd. That being today.

So I’d go get it.


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