The Full Lid – 5th April 2024

Editor’s note: Spoilers for: Torchwood season 3, Children of Earth (which was released in 2009 — good grief — so might officially be out beyond the spoiler event horizon but just in case). Content warnings for discussions of character death.

This week I learned something about the type of stories I love. I was taking photos of the surprise tulips in a bed in our back garden. A garden which hasn’t been tended in nearly two years and so remains a daily source of joy and exploration as things just! keep! appearing! After several weeks of early daffodils, these riotously orange tulips appeared. My mum loves flowers (Hello mum! Happy birthday, dad!) so I took a photo for her.

And then my brain did that thing it does:

Ianto Shrine


A Conspiracy of Cartographers
Interstitials: BandCamp Fridays
Playout:  Danny Donohue‘s Godzilla 8mm

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