The Full Lid – 10th June 2022

It’s no surprise I’m a massive fan of indie RPGs, especially the invention and freedom of movement and play that so many indie creators embody. Friend of the Lid Monica Valentinelli‘s latest, One Night in the Catacombs, is a nimble hybrid that’s one part game, one part sandbox. In it, you and up to three other players play… yourselves. In this world you’re influencers attending an exclusive party held in a newly discovered section of the Catacombe di San Gennaro beneath Naples, Italy.

As Valentinelli explains:

‘…When I sat down to write this game, I wanted to offer a party game that was easy to learn and customizable for groups who knew each other and those who didn’t. This is the reason why I opted to call players “Guests”, why the game’s story hooks are presented in letters, why you can play as a LARP or TTRPG, and why the host of your party a customizable “Maven” who can guide your evening with a light touch or a firm hand.”


Ms. Marvel
One Night in the Catacombs
Interstitials: The Backrooms by Kane Pixels
Playout: There’s A Moon On by The Pixies

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