The Full Lid – 11th February 2022

‘Progress is good, we all want progress, but a man should not be in charge of such a sensitive post, it’s too important,’ she said.

Obinna is a house husband, a father, and terrified. He knows his executive wife Amara is having an affair, possibly more than one. He knows that men’s rights continue to be infringed as he and best friend Eze dodge the slutshaming police officers looking for an excuse to assault any man they find. He knows that his life is good, but fragile — more than he dared hope and very far from what he expected. Obinna is a poet rendered down to staff, an artist whose skills just aren’t marketable in this view of a world different but far from better than our own. 

The Visit delivers intense idea detonations in beautifully rendered single sentences, like the one above. In this opening title of the Black Stars series, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (of Americanah fame among others), filters a traditional idea through a kaleidoscope of lenses to find something intensely familiar, different, and poignant.


The Visit
Sing 2 (by guest Kat Day)
The Gold Archive: Through the Valley of Shadows
Interstitials: Star Wars LoFi
Playout: Georgia Bound by Blind Blake

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