The Full Lid – 14th July 2023

The direction, by Catherine GreenSpoek MathamboGraham Gallagher finds new ways to explore post-apocalyptic spaces and tells us how humanity is still finding joy, even on a dangerously reduced planet. The script, by Green, Mathambo and Phumlani Pikoli uses that backdrop to drill down on the fragility of the boys, the gang pressures they face, and the uncaring brutality of the ocean. The result is a story that feels both timeless and perfectly grounded in its time, finding hope not in the ruins but in the acknowledgement of what comes after. Surfing, the literal razor line between triumph and catastrophe, as metaphor and battleground alike, and the ending surf chase is one of the best action sequences of the series.

The Point Break remake wishes it was this cool, and it’s my personal favorite of the shorts.


Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire
Interstitials: The art of Amalas Rosa
Playout: Brennan Lee Mulligan vs The Declaration of Independence 

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