The Full Lid – 14th October 2022

But Constantine always casts the same shadow. Brilliant, gobby, defined by curiosity and a good coat. Across decades of comics, a handful of movies, some animation and a remarkable variety of TV shows, Constantine has always walked the same path. There will always be an entertaining cast of supporting characters. There will always be socio-political commentary, exactly as you would expect from contemporary visual art. There will always be horror and, at the end of a run, there will always be John Constantine. Alone. Shattered. Alive. Loathing themselves even as they wash the blood of the friends who have been damaged by their hand or in their wake.

And I think Constantine knows. I think they’re trying to survive. I think the narrative of their media appearances has become a story Constantine is trying to seize control. 


Crisis on Infinite Constantines
Where in the World are Alasdair and Marguerite?
Playout: Chill Beats to Climb Impossible Towers To, a lo-fi remix by Tin Can Audio

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