The Full Lid – 15th September 2023

I have the utmost respect for any game whose rules, setting and plot is contained in its title. ‘Does what it says on the tin’ truth. You’ve got a new powerwashing business. You need clients. Once you’ve cleaned your van, you get them. The jobs range from small (a bike) to large (an entire metro station) with the same mechanics: unlimited water and a nozzle. As you get paid you upgrade to better, stronger washers, buy new nozzles and extenders, snazzy hazmat suits and gloves, material-specific cleaning sprays. 

Physics is another mechanic — the narrower the area of effect, the higher the pressure, the faster it cleans. Cover a little ground once or a lot of ground three times. It’s the ‘Druid or Warlock?’ conversation just… sudsier.
Editor’s note: My one hundred plus hours into Baldur’s Gate Three couldn’t possible comment.
So that’s the game! Except, it isn’t. Because the genius of PWS is that it understands just how satisfying it is, and builds on that by making the things you wash progressively odder. As you literally clean up the town, things get Weird.


Power Wash Simulator
Interstitials: The Art of Lee Madgwick
Playout: H.S. by Tom Cardy

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