The Full Lid-17th May 2024

There are very few things more metafictional than a movie called The Fall Guy becoming the fall guy for Round 15,324 of If A Film Does Badly At The Box Office It Is A Failure. We don’t have time, or frankly motivation, to tap the ART IS ITS OWN REWARD AND SOMETIMES ‘BAD’ THINGS ARE FUN sign for the 15,325th time, so instead we’re just going to talk about how much we absolutely adored The Fall Guy. It’s hilarious, self-aware, gigantic and clever. It contains multitudes, some of which are squeezed into a MIAMI VICE STUNT SHOW crew jacket.


The Fall Guy
Interstitials: The Art of HolBolDoArt
Playout: Wonderwall covered by Old Dirty Brasstards

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