The Full Lid – 18th February 2022

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers is the apex predator of the remake. Like the creatures at its core, the movie has spent four decades being reimagined, becoming something new and chillingly familiar each time. Doctor Miles Bennell screams ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ at the camera. Matthew Bennell screams something much, much worse. Meg Tilly gives the best performance of her career and even the 2000s remake has a cracking final scene. Each time, it’s the same story through a different filter, a parasite evolving to fit its host. A story designed to replicate itself – a Von Neumann meme.

Encounter, a spiritual Bodysnatchers remake, upends all of that.


We All Have Teeth
Interstitials: Movies We Can’t Wait For
Playout: Beach House by Ludwig Göransson

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