The Full Lid – 1st December 2023

Doctor Who is back!

David Tennant and Catherine Tate returned to the timey wimey blue box, along with showrunner Russell T. Davies. Davies’ joyously furious script has enraged the exact people who love to be enraged. And in this trudge of a year, where the worst voices have often carried the furthest, it’d be easy to revel in that. But that’s not what we do here. As Friend of the Lid Alex Paknadel perfectly explains, that’s missing the point:

I’m far less interested in who tonight’s show upset than I am in who it affirmed. I hope an awful lot of people saw themselves represented.

The understandable joy we feel in seeing the worst people pick up a profoundly deserved L can also center that negativity, excluding from the conversation the very people who desperately deserve to feel safe and be seen.

So let’s talk about them instead, starting with Donna Noble herself. 


Doctor Who: The Star Beast
Interstitials: The Doctor Who art of Mogamoka
Playout: Sally Maclennane by The Pogues

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