The Full Lid – 1st July 2022

Sunny (Kuhoo Verma) wants to feel like a real teenager, not a sock puppet of her mom. Lupe (Victoria Moroles) want her dad to get off her back and to work out how to come out. Xander (Timothy Granaderos) is Sunny’s cardigan-wearing crush. Logan (Myha’la Herrold) is Lupe’s sort of girlfriend. Christian Magician Kyle (Mason Cook) is also present.

Thanks to hormones, an apocalyptically terrible alcoholic punch and idiocy, Sunny and Kyle end up losing their virginity at one another. For Kyle, it’s a theological crisis. For Sunny, it’s a win! Mostly. Until she discovers the condom didn’t work and realizes she needs the Plan B pill. The Plan B pill her local, intensely sanctimonious chemist, legally chooses not to sell her thanks to the conscience clause.

The girls are left with a single palatable choice: ROAD TRIP FOR JUSTICE.


Plan B
Our Name is Glup
Interstitials: The Art of Rythaze
Playout: Brass Against cover the Black Sabbath classic War Pigs, with guest vocalist Maya Azucena

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