The Full Lid – 22nd April 2022

The last thing the hosts of The Blue Box Chronicles expected was a story. Cleo Proctor (Charlie Craggs), Abby McPhail (Lois Chimimba) and Shawna Thompson (Holly Quin-Ankrah) are best friends, united in their love of true crime podcasts, the mystery of the Blue Box that has appeared throughout history, and a trusting bond forged in communal trauma. Cleo is furious at her mum for abandoning her when she began to transition and for driving her dad away. Abby is a full-time carer for her own mum as well as a boyfriend whose ubiquity concealing his abusiveness is wearing thin. Shawna is desperately in love with Abby and trying to work out how to say it. The podcast is a shared love, a communal puzzle, an excuse to hang out.

Until the Doctor calls.


Doctor Who: Redacted
Neighbourly Season 2
Interstitials: The Art of MuYoung Kim
Playout: About Damn Time by Lizzo

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