The Full Lid – 22nd July 2022

Rescued from the sea as a boy, Jacob Holland (Karl Urban) is now a monster hunter working with his surrogate father, Captain Crow (Jared Harris). The two men and their crew are harpoon-wielding rock stars, hunters who protect the kingdom of Three Bridges. But times change, and the hunters are about to be replaced by the the Three Bridges navy, led by Admiral Hornagold (perennial Lid favourite Dan Stevens). To save their livelihood, they must bring in the terrifying sea monster Red Bluster before the Navy does. But new recruit Maisie Brumble (Zaris-Angel Hator) is about to change everyone’s lives.

Given how many leviathans are in The Sea Beast, it makes sense that the movie covers a lot of ground. Urban, doing Billy Butcher by way of Buzz Lightyear as Jacob is heroic, filled with feelings, and frequently brainier than his harpoon but not by much. Harris, to the surprise of absolutely no one, is great as Crow and the way the movie explores different reactions to trauma and masculinity through two generations is subtle, honest and kind.


The Sea Beast
Interstitials: Early Muppets concept art
Playout: Show Me How To Live by Audioslave 

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