The Full Lid – 22nd September 2023

The Dead Queen Detectives solve the crimes no one else can touch. Whether the main team of Queen MaryQueen ElizabethQueen Anne and Queen Victoria or Dead Queen Detectives: International (HatshepshutIsabellaCatherine and Marie-Antoinette) or even The Legion Of Substitute Dead Disputed Queen Detectives (BoudiccaEmpress MatildaLady Jane Grey and Mary Stuart), it doesn’t matter. Crime gets fought. Bustles get worn. It’s Queen business.

But you see, in this new spin-off, The Dead Countess Collective do things differently. They help people that matter. Well… other Countesses anyway.


The Dead Countess Collective
Interstitials: Starfield: Fun with Physics by Dennios
Playout: Perception Check by Tom Cardy

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