The Full Lid – 23rd February 2024

Starfleet is an organization built on a contradiction, as we’ve talked about before. Scientists who are also a navy, folks who just want to hang out and look at quasars and stuff but all too often are called to decide if artificial life has rightswhether or not that gentle old man is a murderous god, or to discover why UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WE EVER WEAR ANCIENT ALIEN MASKS. That contradiction is Star Trek’s warp core, and in this glorious book, Chris Farnell embraces the chaos, opens the Billups tubes and reminds us why no one loves Star Trek more than the Lower Decks writers room.

The format itself is a punchline, with Captain Freeman deciding to reissue physical copies of the crew handbook, newly curated by the most enthusiastic quiff in Starfleet Bradward Boimler. This is a document that, like so many things in Starfleet, has passed through many hands. And when it passes through Boimler and Mariner’s hands, it becomes distinctly more… lower decksier… than the command officers expect.


Star Trek: Lower Decks: U.S.S. Cerritos Crew Handbook
Interstitials: The Art of Kate Avery
Playout:  Nimona

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