The Full Lid – 23rd June 2023

The elements of this show combine, like a Voltron of light entertainment, into a ridiculously fun podcast. Not just because hearing these four people shit-talking the universe is hilarious (it absolutely is), but because of how intensely focused the final episodes are. We’re a prequel and three mysteries in, and no episode has cracked an hour. Most have ended with cliffhangers in find audio drama fashion. Liminal London is tightly plotted, tightly acted, FUN urban horror with feet firmly on the ground. We shift effortlessly from action movie euphoria to quiet personal beats. Beauty and cost in Liminal London, light and dark in liminal spaces, and the team aren’t afraid to show you both.


Liminal London
Interstitials: Characters and Color Wheels
Playout: Mask of the Rose by The Stupendium

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