The Full Lid-24th May 2024

Big rarely means clever when it comes to representation in fiction. You will usually be either loud and stupid comic relief, or a thug. Sometimes if you’re tremendously lucky, you’ll be a comic relief thug. It’s a precedent and bleeds into societal expectations, forming norms. If you’re big you’re either angry or jolly. As my twelve year old self playing Father Christmas for two years running could tell you.

But times are changing! Except for where they aren’t! Take Dune Part Two for example.  A fantastically good movie. Aside from Baron Harkonnen, of course. He’s not even interesting enough to discuss, just another in a long string of morality plays in fat suits. Just a compass point on our journey somewhere much more interesting. 


The Big Picture
Interstitials: Friend of the Lid Amy tips us off to some amazing scarecrow exhibition photos by Andrew Screen.
Playout: Count Binface celebrates Bindependence Day

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