The Full Lid – 25th February 2022

What they do have is the one thing this pair of mercenaries have always longed for: a Good Fight. One set on their terms. Na and Morrison do such a lovely job of long-suffering, permanently on the backfoot, reluctant only adults in the room that you almost lose the poignancy inherent in that state of affairs — Fett and Shand, drawing what they know may be their last line, welcoming any who wish to join them. Their weakness becomes their strength, bending but refusing to break under the heels of jealous contemporaries and former employers. 


Written in the Sand
Step by Bloody Step
Interstitials: Constant John: Funny Moments from Constantine
Playout: Livestream of BigJet TV narrating the jet landings at Heathrow airport during Storm Eunice to a captivated 250k viewers.

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