The Full Lid – 25th March 2022

Upload is a cheery dystopian tech bro Good Place, what you should point to the next time someone bemoans the death of idea-driven genre fiction, cyberpunk or whatever it is we’re all supposed to be mourning the death of because the youths have avocado toasted all over 1977 again. Twenty eight minutes at a time, we glimpse two minutes into our future, each shot fizzing with tantalizing, familiar details. A Bay Area newscast has a largely empty Bay as it’s backdrop. Panera and Taco Bell are now major tech players. Nitely is a hook-up app where the review you leave is at least as important as how good the sex was, if not more. Small D dystopia, a world where the sky is tuned to the colour of a dead YouTube channel. 


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern do Customer Service
Learning to Love the Clock App
Interstitials: Life is a Battle, Silly is a Rest: The Comedy of Russell Howard
Playout: Show Business by Hilltop Hoods 

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