The Full Lid – 28th January 2022

Godolia won the last war by refusing to die. A colossal city-state built on the bones of its underclasses, it maintains itself through ruthlessly pillaged resources and being the last place on Earth to use Windups. Windups are skyscraper sized mecha with a sole task: the subjugation and control of the Godolian population. Windup pilots are upper class teenagers and adults, cybernetically enhanced to ‘wind’ , providing it with a brain and nervous system. 

Sona, also known as Glitch, has just qualified as a Windup pilot and plans to tear Godolia down with her bare, newly colossal hands for the offhand murder of her entire town.

Eris, also known as Frostbringer because of the freezing gloves her genius sister developed, leads a Gearbreaker team. Gearbreakers break into Windups and kill the crew. They have no resources, and give precisely zero shits about that fact.

Best meet cute EVER.


No Comply
Interstitials: The Giants of Rock enjoy rollercoasters
Playout: Forging the Rings of Power

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