The Full Lid – 29th March 2024

Editor’s note: Mild spoilers. Delicious in Dungeon (2024) is rated US TV-MA / UK 15 and has mild content warnings for plenty of blood and animal butchery.

What do dungeoneers eat?

Oh sure, dungeon enthusiasts know about hard tack and dwarf bread, but you can’t carry weeks and weeks of it and you probably wouldn’t be in top fighting trim if you did.

The question is so simple and yet vastly complex forming the heart of the fantastic animated series Delicious in Dungeon.  One part dungeon crawling RPG, one part cooking show, Delicious in Dungeon approaches its central premise with stoic pragmatism, cheerfully punkish energy, and smelling slightly of olive oil. 


Delicious in Dungeon
Interstitials: Interzone covers
Playout:  Stand Up by The Prodigy

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