The Full Lid – 2nd June 2023

If Joe Dredd is Mega-City 1’s rubble-strewn soul, then Cassandra Anderson is its endlessly breaking heart. A telepathic judge originally introduced to help Dredd battle a splinter of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Anderson proved popular enough to receive semi-regular spin-offs. Over the decades of 2000AD’s existence that’s added up to an impressive character study. One that’s now being collected in big format versions of the Essential series that’s worked so well for her justice-chinned compatriot.


Where in the World Are Alasdair and Marguerite?
The Essential Judge Anderson
Interstitials:  Barbie and Ken Mugshot Meme
Playout: We Don’t Need Another Hero by the late, great, and much missed Tina Turner

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