The Full Lid-31st May 2024

This essay has many beginnings. The first was in 1999, when The West Wing debuted (and yes my knees are a bit sore today, thank you for asking.) Aaron Sorkin’s epochal, idealistic political fable followed a brilliant, troubled American President and his senior staff through the daily trials of running the most powerful country in the West.

The second time was New Year’s Eve 2023 when Deadline published an interview with Steven Moffat, who argued a UK version of The West Wing was both needed and ‘necessary’. He wasn’t wrong, but we’d just shuttered TFL for the holidays at the end of a terribly hard year. So I made notes and prepared for the third and final time this story would begin.

Which was last Thursday, when the UK’s next general election was called in the exact way the country has been governed for the last decade and a half: shambolic, self-righteous, and incompetent.

We all assume it’ll never change. Even Malcolm Tucker.


The Westminster Wing
Interstitials: Jenny Nicholson and HBomberguy
Playout: That’s Where I Am by Maggie Rogers

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