The Full Lid – 3rd June 2022

Captains America is such a simple, yet brilliant concept, it’s a little amazing that Marvel have only just steered into it. Currently there are two: Steve Rogers, because American comics will always need its King Arthur, and Sam Wilson because if anyone embodies the spirit of what America should be, it’s him. We saw him gain the title last year in Falcon and The Winter Soldier and now Tochi Onyebuchi, with artist R.B. Silva, Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna and color artist Jesus Aburtov have taken the new Cap out on his own. 


The G Word
Captain America: Symbol of Truth
Interstitials: Colken16‘s Glasgow street art
Playout: A Piece of Your Mind, Team Kilda‘s entry in the 2022 Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project 2022

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