The Full Lid – 4th February 2022

Written by Ramzee and illustrated by a busload of artists, LDN is a deep dive into life in London, a tapestry of styles matched only by Old Smoke’s own verdant diversity. 

‘Sammy’s Mitzvah’, the opening story is the perfect, snarky posterchild example. Sammy and his sister Flick (loves Aragorn, hates spina bifida, big cooking youtuber) are breaking into a nursing home. They’re doing this ninja style or perhaps more accurately NINJA STYLE! And it goes about as well as you might expect. Then, it goes in a direction you absolutely won’t expect.


Postcards from Earth 2: Spotify
Interstitials: Al and Harry: A music sample’s journey through the decades
Playout: S.O.B. by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats

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