The Full Lid – 6th May 2022

Iraxi’s world has a bow and a stern. Her life is not her own, wrapped around the child that horrifies and protects her. Iraxi’s people are orphans, people whose land sunk beneath them. For some, Iraxi is why. For others, Iraxi is hope.

Rocklyn‘s prose is lush with sensation – smells, textures and tastes piled atop another like Iraxi’s murderous, terrified fellow sailors. Her moments of grace are hard won and fleeting, a trauma survivor focused on whatever gets her closer to control, seizing every choice like her child claws for purchase on the world.


Flowers for the Sea
Wired Up Wrong
Interstitials: Egyptian artists from Moon Knight soundtrack, compiled by  Thriller Soundtrack Music
Playout: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds opening credits

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