The Full Lid – 7th October 2022

Writing about Red Valley presents a unique challenge because I love it and to discuss it with any depth involves every possible spoiler. The most spoiler-free thing I can say is, if you ever wanted a series that upends its premise and that works, you want to listen to Red Valley. Because it looks like Warren and Gordon – intriguing, compelling, terrified, and determined. Also knowing a bit too much about death metal.

The show is hilarious and heart-breaking and complex and I really want you to listen to it because this is how It’s Done. ‘It’ in this instance being a horrific, hilarious, touching story about science, redemption, guilt, love and working for a man who threatens to feed you your own teeth in a delightful Cockney accent.

So I’ll do my best not to spoil absolutely everything, but I will give you the reveal of the pilot: Red Valley is a story about the first successful attempt to cryogenically preserve and revive a human being, and how that is so, so much worse than what happens when the attempt fails. That’s where we’ll start.

Enter Gordon Porlock, secret warlock. 


Red Valley
Where in the World are Alasdair and Marguerite?
Playout: The King of Rock ‘N ‘Roll by Prefab Sprout

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