The Full Lid – 8th July 2022

Beef Squad is the brainchild of the amazing Bevis Musson and it is such a good time. Musson himself describes it as ‘Beef Squad is Carry On Superheroing but with all the Barbara Windsor roles played by unfeasibly muscular men’ and it is perfect. Inspired by a Gail Simone Twitter thread, the book has two vast biceps of narrative muscle and flexes them both.

The first is that it’s a head-on parody and calling out of the way women were and still are treated in so many superhero comics. Wonder Woman was originally the Justice Society of America secretary. Black Canary in particular has, far too often, had trauma inflicted on her in the name of character development. Batgirl. That’s it. That’s the sentence.


The Green Bone Saga
Beef Squad
Interstitials: Threadwood’s Magical Cat
Playout: Jurassic Park 12: It’s Dino time! by Tom Cardy

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