The Full Lid – 9th February 2024

In Swordheart, two people walk down a road, then three people and a very cool badger ride up it. This process is repeated a couple of times. It is the best epic fantasy novel I’ve read since Jen Willams‘ last one.

Halla is the widowed housekeeper for her great uncle, who to the surprise of everyone leaves her the estate when he dies. Imprisoned by her horrible relatives until she agrees to marry a cousin, Halla has to escape, with only her great uncle’s collection of antique relics for help.

Sarkis is one of those relics. An immortal swordsman bound to the blade that killed him, Sarkis is sworn to protect his wielder.  

Halla’s enemies are in a lot of trouble.


Interstitials: Metaball Studios take us to the Moon(s)
Playout:  Rot in Love by Ratbag

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