The Full Lie – 1st April 2022

The key to Broadcast Signal Intrusion is Shum Jr.’s willingness to commit to a brittle, increasingly disturbing leading role. The story James is telling himself is not the story he’s living, nor the one the audience views, and Shum Jr carries the weight of that reveal with grace and care. At one point he cheerfully admits to friend Alice that he can’t remember his life prior to investigating the intrusions. At another, despite someone clearly either trapped or moving around in the room above them, he refuses to acknowledge it. It plays a lot like a very deliberate riff and mirror image to a similar sequence from Zodiac. The killer is right! there! but our protagonist can’t see them because instead of writing the story, they’re starring in it.


Broadcast Signal Intrusion
Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself
Interstitials: Mapping the Lies
Playout: Leverage Redemption theme by Joseph LoDuca

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