Geek Planet Online: Join The Fascination Nation

Yesterday I talked about the great work Geek Syndicate do. Today, it’s Geek Planet Online. GPO is a constellation of blogs, columns and podcasts that encompasses everything from gaming to horror cinema and of course, the incomparable (And Hugo nominated) Tea and Jeopardy.

Like Geek Syndicate, GPO embodies everything positive about genre fiction fandom. They’re articulate, enthusiastic, clever and funny. They also need your help. Due to their backers hitting financial trouble, the site has asked for short term funding through Patreon. I’m delighted to say they met the amount required to survive. Now, let’s help them thrive.

The campaign is here.

The site is here.

Go, read, listen and if you can, help out. It’s all too easy, especially right now, to bemoan genre fiction fandom as a never ending series of self righteous brushfire wars no one cares about other than the people involved. These two sites, and the people behind them, put the lie to that. Go check them out.

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