Ghost Facers, facing the ghosts…up north

Rogue Events appear to be organising what may be the oddest convention I’ve ever heard of; a convention for a TV show that doesn’t exist outside the world of another TV show. With me so far?

The Ghost Facers have appeared in two episodes of the excellent ‘Supernatural’ and are the polar opposite of the show’s heroes, Sam and Dean. Where the Winchester brothers are effortlessly cool, leather jacketed hunters of the dark, the Ghost Faces are endearingly rubbish, massively self righteous and as far from the square jawed heroes as you can get. They’re also, and this is the important part, not remotely real.

Which is why Hell Hounds is such a pleasant surprise. Running from October 30th to November 1st in York which is far more accessible than normal convention venues for me, Hell Hounds features the entire Ghost Facers team as guests, a vendors room and various events.

But what I really want to know is; will it feature panels about the entirely fictional show? Will there be discussions of events in a series that doesn’t exist? Will the series suddenly exist once I step across the threshold? More news as I get it…

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