Happy Cyberpunk 1st Edition Day Everyone!


Especially you, fine people of R Talsorian Games!

So, let’s talk about 2013. I’ve got some stuff to do, all of which is going to count towards the Million Word Challenge. What, I imagine you saying, is the Million Word Challenge? Why that’s simple; my friend and publishing genius Colin F. Barnes figured out that if you write 2700 or so words a day, for a year, you write a million words.
Now, I think it was Elizabeth Bear who said the general rule of thumb is that your first million words are going to suck. That’s your sandbox, where you learn your craft, learn what you’re good at, what you aren’t good at, and how to bridge the gap between the two. It’s also, roughly, 10 novels.
In a year.
And did I mention I don’t write fiction at the moment?
It’s a very interesting challenge and it got under my skin. So, a couple of days ago, I talked to Colin and said I was in and he set up the website, which you can find here. He then got talking about it on Twitter and people got interested. Very interested. So much so in fact that ten other people signed up, including my equally mighty friend Mhairi Simpson, who is also the editor of an upcoming Fox Spirit anthology featuring one of my stories.
…Did I mention I don’t write fiction at the moment? It seems to be working. Don’t make eye contact with it, we might scare it…
So it’s January 1st, and we’re at the bottom of the hill. What the actual hell am I going to do? Am I really going to do this? What am I going to talk about?

First answer; I have 48 Pseudopod outros to write, as well as roughly 24 Escape Pod ones, having taken over as co-host there now former co-host, and full-time evil genius, Norm Sherman has accepted the big chair, vacated by queen of all things, Mur Lafferty. I have regular blogging with SFX, a couple of magazines I’m hoping to re-establish contact with this year and get some paying work from, and here. Oh and some roleplaying work.
And some fiction. Maybe. I told you, don’t make eye contact…
Second answer; Yes, I absolutely am. And before the ‘Quality rather than Quantity’ brigade mount up, I am right there with you. I have no intention of writing dreck for the sake of writing. I’m going to be putting everything I can into this to make sure the work’s good. I want to do this and I want to earn it not scrape in under the wire with a million words of half assery behind me. Because if I do this? Then it’s time for another tattoo and it’s a doozy.
Turns out the Roman symbol for a million is created by placing a line above the numeral representing the number to be multiplied by a thousand.
That numeral is an M.
I’ll just leave that there.
Third answer; What am I going to write about? This year I’m starting yoga, going back to running, getting back on the mat or finally getting into the ring, continuing to teach myself how to cook, furthering my abiding love of Lego mini-figs, attempting to read my Kindle dry, stepping back, cautiously, into roleplaying, getting some form of temporary employment and possibly putting together a book of interviews with professional female martial artists.

That looks like a pretty start from where I’m sitting. So, let’s go to it shall we?

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