Here We Go Again

If it helps, try reading that title in Chuck D’s voice. Certainly worked for me.

Right then, democracy rears its ugly head once again and make no mistake it is UGLY this time. The endless death march of last year’s US elections was horrific. The last few weeks over here made up for their brevity with the same dark enthusiasm. Toxic, racist newspaper headlines, relentless character assassination and the sinking feeling that the Sociopath Party (tough on joy, tough on the causes of joy) will walk it yet again have made this very tough to deal with.

I joke, because that’s how I cope. But this cynically called, brutally played Election has brought out the absolute worst. We’re all very very angry. We all seem very angry at each other. Whatever happens tomorrow is only going to make that worse.

So why bother?

Because the alternative is unthinkable. Because apathy and misinformation gets you nothing but slowly killed by people who don’t even know you exist, let alone care about your welfare. Because even if your vote doesn’t matter your vote COUNTS.

Democracy is a contact sport and answering the bell is a victory no one can take away from you, even if you don’t win the bout.

Answer the bell. Vote. I am.

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