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Hi everyone,

I’m looking to pick up some more paid work to help offset the cost of WorldCon. I’ve got an extensive skill base and a ton of experience so, if you’re looking for anyone in the fields below, get in touch and let’s chat.

Editorial Work/Business Consultation/Project Management-$100 an hour
I work with fiction, non-fiction, comic and poetry authors to keep their weeks scheduled and the projects on track. As the CEO of Escape Artists I help lead a 100-strong global team that produces four shows every single week. I can help manage your projects, provide fresh eyes for your work, PR idea and input and much more. Testimonials available on request.

Journalism-10 cents a word
I’m a passionate, enthusiastic and articulate pop culture journalist who comes to any subject with an open mind, a wry sense of humor and a critical arsenal designed to help people understand why they should care about it. I’ve got an extensive working knowledge of the entire popular culture field and years of experience working as part of a team or on my own. Film, TV, video games, RPGs, comics, books. I can, and have written about it all. Hire me to write about it all for you.

Game Work/New Writing-10 cents a word
I’m an ENie-shortlisted RPG designer specializing in source material and adventure design. I’ve written for  Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, Star Trek Adventures, Infinity and many more. I enjoy module design the most but am happy to do source material construction, overall arc planning, NPC design or anything else. I’ve worked as the lead writer and part of a team and enjoy both.

Project Management/Consultation-$100 an hour
If you have an idea for a show, or a show you feel needs an extra set of eyes, please get in touch. I’ve project managed multiple podcasts and I can absolutely help you

Guest Host/Voice Acting-Free (Free, limited by availability)
I guest host regularly for shows like the Archivos Podcast and have been a guest voice on numerous podcasts, including most recently a recurring role on The Magnus Archives.

Those are my particular set of skills. If you feel like there’s a project you could work with me on, please get in touch. I can be reached via email here or on Twitter here.


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