Hugo Voting Packet for 2020

Hello Hugo voters!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m Alasdair Stuart, a finalist for this year’s Best Fan Writer Hugo and this is my eligibility packet. One of the few perks of most of my work being unpaid is I can easily make it available for voters and non-voters alike.

A quick note about format. The Best Fan Writer Hugo is somewhat unique in that it seeks to honor an individual’s body of eligible work, not a single creative effort. Last year I learned that Hugo voters take a variety of approaches when considering what they feel ‘eligible work’ includes, along variables like publication market, format and pay rate.

To empower voters in their decision making, I’ve prepared this material two ways:

Layouts have been modified for ease of PDF reading where possible. I’ve also included links for podcast commentaries in case you would prefer the original audio presentation. Please note that a few stories contain content warnings, which are duplicated.

And as mentioned in my 2019 eligibility post, I’ve also listed pay rates for every piece. Transparency in the economics of nonfiction writing is important to me, and this is me doing my part to raise awareness of this issue.

Thank you once again, everyone. It’s an honour to be nominated.

All the best,
Alasdair Stuart

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