Hugo Voting Packet for 2021

Hello Hugo voters!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m Alasdair Stuart, and I have the great honor of being a Hugo finalist four different categories this year. And since I’m a digital creator with most of their work available for free online, I can do a round-up post like this, pointing you in a wide variety of exciting different directions.

Hugo voters can find all this material in the voting packet available from DiscCon 3. There’s still time to join the convention and reserve membership with voting rights. Voting closes November 19, 2021.

Best Fan Writer


It’s me, your boy, returning for a third year on the Best Fan Writer ballot. This year’s packet has contributions from familiar venues as well as an excerpt from my first Black Archive title, The Day of the Doctor.

Best Fanzine

Whoo hooo! TFL is a Hugo finalist!

Best Related Work: CoNZealand Fringe


One of the wonderful things about an entirely digital convention is that it’s always available to everyone, pretty much forever. Help yourself to the entire event’s collection of panels, each with transcripts

Best Semiprozine: Escape Pod


I continue to work with the best in the industry over at Escape Pod, who are also returning to Hugo consideration this year alongside their sibling PodCastle. And Escape Pod’s editors are finalists, too. It’s been a very good year for EA and we’re so grateful.

Thanks so much for your consideration!

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