I’m a Hugo Finalist! Again!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31KhkQH2RFs]

Have a guess which is my favorite part:)

Don’t call it a comeback! Except it is! I’m a Best Fan Writer finalist again!

I’m so happy to be back, especially for work I did in a year which was so stressful by the second half it actively made me ill. Better still, this nomination is for work produced for none of the perceived major platforms. I was worried that heading in that direction would get me a greater sense of fulfillment (It has) but less recognition (It hasn’t). So yay!

Most of all I’m just delighted to be back, especially with a group like this. This was an honor last year, even after everything that happened. It’s even more of an honor this year. Thank you to everyone who nominated me, please keep reading my work, please consider voting for me and I’ll see you on the internet.

Now! Onwards to the chili dogs of jubilation!


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