Kickstarter: Check in to Elysian Springs

es 2WHAM! POW! CREAK! Ever wonder what happens to superheroes when their crime-fighting prime has past? Find out in 10 tales and one comic!

Okay as grab lines go; WHAM! POW! CREAK! is one of the all time greats. Elysian Springs is a new anthology, currently on Kickstarter. All the stories are set in the same retired superhero (And villain) nursing home. Put together by Lauren Harris, Michelle Ristuccia and Taum Dell’Armo, the project is looking to pay its authors and artists professional rates which is why they’re on Kickstarter and one of the reasons they deserve your money. This is an interesting time to be a writer and its heartening to see that pro rates for everyone is becoming the default for a lot of projects.

Plus the talent they’ve got is top whack. Jason Strutz is providing art for each story, they have an audiobook primed and ready to go and authors like Gail Z. Martin, Tee Morris and Jared Axelrod locked in. So, if you fancy finding out what happens after the world is saved but before Matlock comes on, then this is for you. The Kickstarter is here and I’m off to pledge now. Firstly because the anthology looks great and secondly? Stuff like this:

elysian springs

There you go. Here’s the link again.


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