Kickstarting: Carolina Gaming Tables

In 2012, I went to GenCon. It was my first time at the con and the first time I met Clint and Jodie Black and their amazing daughters. Clint and Jodie are old friends of Marguerite (She’s done a chunk of RPG editing, writing, has characters who appear as examples in various rulebooks and is killingly modest about how incredible she is. Hi honey! I love you!)

Anyway, Clint and Jodie were huge fun, basically adopted me for the con and promptly took us out for dinner where, as Clint pointed out, we would eat chicken ‘AS MEN DO!’. They’re lovely people, ridiculously talented and, it turns out, equally ridiculously multi-talented.

Because they’ve launched a dedicated gaming tables business, for board gamers, jigsaw fans and tabletop RPG players and the furniture looks amazing. Here’s the basic details:

We’ve designed the Carolina Game Table for roleplaying games, board games, and puzzle enthusiasts

There is a wide edge for leaning on (or placing a character sheet, game tokens, or puzzle pieces) with most of the play area in easy reach. The 32″ x 50″ play area is 3 inches deepand covered in burgundy cloth.

The overall table is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long, and designed to seat six people comfortably.

The classically styled table looks and works like any dining room table. The table top fits securely over the play area, covering it and extending to the table’s edge.  There are no gaps or spaces, so spills and crumbs don’t end up in your play area. 

The finish is called “French Couture” and is a nice medium brown finish falling between light and dark wood stains to be complementary with both. The finish also has red undertones so it pairs well with cherry or mahogany hues as well. We want it to look good with your existing furniture, no matter what shade you have. 

You can find the Kickstarter here, and do watch the video, especially if you’ve seen any of The Gamers’ movies. You may find the test group familiar…


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