I love writing tabletop RPGs. It was my first published (If not paid) work and it’s something I’ve continued working on up to the present day. In fact, my biggest project this year was an RPG book and it was great fun as are the RPG related projects I’m hoping to announce next year. Here’s my back catalog.

I learned to write fiction through RPG world design. I taught myself from stacks of old magazines, PDFs, anything I could find. I loved, and still do love, finding new publications bursting with ideas and none, to my mind, are better than the Codex. Here’s a little more about them:

“Codex is one of the most exciting, beautiful, cutting-edge products in tabletop roleplaying games today! It is a zine produced by The Gauntlet Gaming Community and comes out in PDF form every month via The Gauntlet Patreon. Each issue is organized around a theme and contains original games and LARPs (live-action roleplaying games), new content for existing games like Dungeon World and Lovecraftesque, loads of original artwork, and a unique custom layout. “

They do amazing work and they’re currently funding a collected edition of the first 13 issues of the Codex. There’s some incredible stuff in there and some equally incredible digital stretch goals that have been unlocked. So, if you’re running a game, thinking of running one, want to try something new or just need some inspiration, you need the Codex. The campaign closes, as I write this, in 32 hours (And they have free stuff for you!) so go take a look.

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