Kickstarting Now: Transreality: New Worlds by Chris Lackey

Chris Lackey is a fiercely talented, prolific guy. As part of the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast he regular delves into in depth, unflinching and often very funny, textual analysis of Lovecraft’s work. He also produced a graphic novel a couple of years ago called Transreality. It’s great for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is it’s one of the few stories about the nature of reality I know of that starts in Yorkshire. My review is over here.

Now he’s kickstarting a sequel. New Worlds picks up after the events of the first book and asks a lot of its leads and world:

transreality new worldsTransreality: New Worlds
explores more of the possibilities of a Transhuman world, where people are no longer bound by their physical needs and are able to become whatever they want. But what are we if we are not bound by limitations? Is this a good thing?

£15 gets you print and PDF copies of both Transreality and Transreality: New Worlds and it’s a steal at that price. Inventive, hopeful, humane science fiction, it’s a pleasure to see this world returned to. The campaign is over here.



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