My Nine Worlds 2015 Schedule

Nine Worlds 2015 is almost upon us! Last year was huge fun and I’m on some stuff this year that I’m really look forward to. What stuff you ask? Well…
Friday, August 7
How To Break Into Comics – But seriously, how?
Room 11, 1:30pm – 2:45pm (Comics)
Tracks: Comics

It’s the frequently asked question asked most frequently at any comics event: how do you perform the magic manoeuvre of getting in? Industry professionals from all sides talk the mechanics of pitches, webcomics, finding an artist or writer or colourist, what even is a Cintiq, and how are comics formed?


Saturday, August 8
The End of Author Mystique
County C&D, 10:00am – 11:15am (All of the Books)

Do authors need to be on social media to sell books and does an ability to tweet improve your chances of getting published? Are authors losing the mystery they once maintained from behind their keyboards and with blog posts and sneak peaks, have our expectations as readers changed?

The Second Annual Podcaster Games – The ultimate geek quiz
Room 32, 11:45am – 1:00pm (Podcasting)
Tracks: Podcasting

Come see Dan and Gavin from the Sidekickcast preside over the second annual podcaster games, and see which of our teams are worthy of winning the coveted ‘Golden Mic’.


The Peter Capaldi Era – New kidneys, and a Scottish accent
Royal C&D, 1:30pm – 2:45pm (Doctor Who)
Tracks: Doctor Who

The last season of Doctor Who brought a new Doctor to our screens in the form of Peter Capaldi. He’s older, crankier, and – for some fans – better looking than any other New Who Doctor. He also has one of the most complicated relationships with his companion. How has this past year of Doctor Who worked out for our panelists? Do they love Capaldi, and his smashing hair? Do we miss the plot arc, or is stronger, more nuanced characterization the way to go?

The Humanitarian Element: Superheroic Ethics – Heroism, compromise & the reality of intervening under fire
Room 11, 11:45am – 1:00pm (Comics)
Tracks: Comics

BANG! POW! ZAP! None of these things cures multiple-drug-resistant tuberculosis. The type of humanitarianism depicted in superhero comics tends to have solutions, often ones that require an ethical breach for a heroic end. With the popular hunger for these stories at an all-time high, what does this disconnect mean?

I’ll be there till Sunday (otherwise those panels would be challenging to be on…) so if you’re going, come say hi. Now, packing…

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