NanoJourno Update: Day 2

Another eight endcaps in the bag, in just under half an hour less time than before. This isn’t because I’m getting faster it’s because three of the endcaps in this batch just…work. I could add more to them but all it would be is waffle so, after consulting Marguerite who reminded me that trusting myself is a good thing, they’re going in as is. I’m pretty proud of them.

Some hard road today with a couple of the others. The first two didn’t quite work for me, so I’ve revised them and marked them down for a second edit pass. I’m actually pretty pleased that this has happened because if I was breezing through these pieces going ‘Brilliant! Also brilliant! I will take my seat at the great cultural film critic table in Valhalla now thank you!’ firstly I’d be on a hiding to nothing and secondly…who the hell would be at that table?

This afternoon’s task is to try and plug the holes in the text files I have. I’m missing text for every endcap in June bar one and every endcap in September bar three and I really don’t want to transcribe them. If I have to though, I’ll work with what I have and make transcribing the ones I don’t part of the second or third pass. Here’s hoping I don’t have to.

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