NanoJourno Update: Day 20


Sometimes you get bogged down, and sometimes, ten metres away from the try line, you slow down. I used to get that a lot, I’d be passed the ball sprint and then…slow…I was already mentally across the line, already there and every single time that happened? SACKED. Dropped like third period French.


That hasn’t happened here. Because I saw it coming. Today all I had planned was getting two blog posts done and I did that. The idea is to clear my blog backlog as well, meaning that I have something on the site every day for a week or so. Yesterday the outstanding list was four long, today it’s two. One is the Retrovirus review that already went up whilst the other is a piece I initially submitted to SFX. It’s a thought experiment asking why the decision to cancel Hellblazer with issue 300 isn’t being marked with some sort of small press fan tribute. They didn’t want it because legally they could get reprimanded for it, which is entirely fair and they were very good about it so I’ve retooled it a little, combined the two versions I did, and it’ll go up in a couple of days. I’d love to see something come of it, because 300 issues is a hell of a run and John deserves a send off but I’m not hopeful. Still, the piece is done, and it’s scheduled so tomorrow all I have to do is two more blog posts and the GenCon follow up. Then I get to talk to you about the movies.


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