NanoJourno Update: Day 23


Today was going to be catching Here Comes The Boom and End of Watch as a warm up to going back to the movie essays, as well as prepping the Titanium Rain piece for launch and digging into both The Child of Time, the first collection of the 11th Doctor comic stories from Doctor Who magazine and the Judge Dredd/Batman collection, both of which are on deck for reviews later in the week.

Almost all of that happened. Hilarious wacky temporal hijinks (Oh it’s 11PM? OH RIGHT…) sort of hobbled me a wee bit in the middle of the day but I did take a couple of lovely pictures. Caught End of Watch, picked up what might be a short story opportunity (Clearly I have to give up fiction writing more often), and then had this week’s reward dinner at Tropeiro, the Brazilian place in town. Brazilian buffets are great because they basically try to kill you with meat and hospitality, the waiters on a never ending circuit with skewers of chicken, bacon, chicken hearts, Gammon, lamb, beef, chicken sausage and once, hilariously, garlic bread. You add whatever sides you want so after a hearty solid and three (maybe four) types of delicious animal protein we headed home, where I watched and filed the review for the second episode of The Secret of Crickley Hall. Tomorrow, the next batch of Travelling Man reviews may well get here, and I should hopefully be able to close out the two graphic novel reviews already on deck and get some short fiction revision done as well as follow up on emails and write a film essay.


So it’s keeping me busy, which I like:)

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