NanoJourno Update: Day 30


Who has two thumbs, speaks limited German and IS DONE?!


Ja! Ich bin ein berliner!


I’m done, I’m through I’m finished. I was actually finished yesterday but spent a chunk of today doing extra bonus golden time pickup work which is now done and I’m…


Decks clear

Sky wide


I didn’t think this was possible. I mean I still have stuff on (Waiting on edits for the two adventures I’m writing for Primeval, follow up questions from an interviewee, blog posts, oo speaking of I should bake soon, all the movies I’ll still see this year and then write about) but it’s my stuff and my terms. I’m under no obligations, no restrictions. I set myself an almost impossible test and I passed.


I can’t articulate what that does for my confidence which has been nonexistent at times recently. It’s almost impossible being a freelancer, your self worth is tied relentlessly not only to your next job but the jobs which you’ve just finished and how those people treat you when you start talking to them about repeat business. I’ve had a couple of serious knocks there and I’m still upright, still moving and still very, very good at what I do. This proves it. To me. At last.


So before I go drink some tea and sleep the sleep of the ohmygodi’mtired, thank you. Thank you to Sandra, and Sax and Emma, to Steve and Olivia and Shawn and Colin and KT. Thank you to Nad and Paul and Mhairi. Thank you to Adele, our feral leader, who agreed to publish the Pseudopod book:) Thank you to my family, blood and spiritual, on both sides of the Atlantic. And thanks to Marguerite, who never doubted I could do this. Not once. I love you, honey. Thank you.







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