NanoJourno Update: Day 6

Stage one of the first project is complete. I’ve now revised every one of the 52 endcaps from 2012. A lot have been massively expanded, some more have had the usual boilerplate of an endcap stripped away so they can stand alone and a few have been completely rebuilt. They’re not done, not yet, there’ll be another two edit passes, but this is the majority of the work done. I’m really, really pleased.

Also kind of amazed. 31, 396 words have been edited, created or rebuilt in six days. That leaves me eight days to do the following:

-Edit pass two. Focus on language, make sure they’re all tight and on point.
-Doublecheck endings. Some of them just wander off. I’m currently reading a lot of Charlie Brooker and Warren Ellis nonfiction in an attempt to learn a bit more about sticking the landing.
-Work out how to present the end of episode quotes. Marguerite’s suggested including them as footnotes or typography and then listing them in an appendix which sounds pretty good.
-Revised and expand the Halloween Parade answers a little.
-Work out what else to put in there.

Any requests?

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